Convenient Dentist Appointments

At Capstone Dentistry, we want to ensure you have access to convenient dental appointments when you need them. We offer convenient scheduling options to help you fit your family’s oral health into your already busy schedule

Extended Hours & Saturday Appointments

You shouldn’t have to miss out on school or work to get the dental care you need. Our office is open until 7pm five days a week, allowing you time to get to our office after your work or school day is over.

If you’re looking for a dentist open on weekends, Capstone Dentistry is here for you. Our office is open every Saturday from 9am – 2pm, so your busy workweek doesn’t have to get even busier. Get the smile you deserve on a schedule that works for you!

Schedule an Appointment

Emergency Dental Appointments

You don’t have to suffer with tooth pain! If you’ve had dental trauma of any sort, or you’ve got a painful tooth, call us right away. We’ll do our best to see you the same day you call.